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“Glenda took care of logistics like shuttle pickup for guests and even snacks for my wedding party to eat—it would have been impossible to pull it off without our friends, and every time I would try to express my overwhelming gratitude, they were so cool and sincere about it, saying that it was a way for them to honor my mom.” Originally, Arden wanted to just style or sew something together from different found pieces for her wedding dress, but with all of the other moving parts, she eventually decided it might be better to go with a look that was a bit more surefire. “I was imagining something that was a mix of the Childlike Empress in The NeverEnding Story, the final scene of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and the sheer comedy of The Wedding Singer,” she says with a laugh. “My friend Victoria de la Fuente is this fabulous fashion guru who DM-ed me on Instagram one day with images from a cool Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour—who, unbeknownst to me, was making the dress for a future princess —saying, ‘This looks just like you!’ All of her pieces were like something out of my own dreams—I got in touch and asked if there was anything white available in her showroom, and Sandra sent me a picture of the perfect dress.” Arden had always wanted to wear a mini for ease of dancing but didn’t want to go totally bare, and Sandra’s version was unlike anything she’d ever seen before. “It looked like both the future and the electro-luxe past—my favorite genre!” she says. “Sandra called me up and let me know that the dress may be a bit short for me, but she thought it would be perfect and even offered to make me a custom veil. When she asked what length I preferred, I just said, ‘something that Kate Moss would wear.’ ” When everything arrived, it was perfect. “The veil made the whole look so friendly—tiny organza flowers attached with little pearls on a dreamy train,” says Arden. Sandra was right about the skirt being a bit short, so Arden asked Sandra for permission to add something to extend it a bit, which she approved. “I had a yard of crystal mesh that JJ helped cut into a thin strip and sew to the hem of the miniskirt so you couldn’t see my underwear!” The craziest part was that right before the wedding, Cody guessed the dress before he ever saw it.

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